it was finally the 8th of december


Tired and happy we are back from the honeymoon .
There were four exciting and thrilling days. The weather was simply sensational and our bridal couple was kissed by the sun each day . We laughed a lot and were also amazed .
A very special thanks to Christine and Wolfgang they assisted us in everything.

8th of December
Cameras packed with lenses, battery charged, memory stick controlled, it can go.
Once in la Maurette trotted Amali nimble step towards the love oasis. Yachterwaited eagerly in the garden and welcomed Amali tenderly.
After a brief reconnaissance of the terrain and a few cuddles, the two were hiding instantly somewhere in the bushes.
We heard it only rustling and panting, but we could not see anything. So much about the subject, I´m able to take a lot of beautiful pictures.
After that, everything happened very quickly and the two were married.
The evening was very quiet because Amali fell really quick asleep.
In the next few days, although the prelude was shorter but afterwards they roamed becoming common for some time in the garden.
They demanded a lot of pats of us and made a relaxed and satisfied impression. Then the time has come to take then one or the other some wonderful picture.