ASARAKYA Rayha chinara

our offspring


CHINARA has received her BREEDING CERTIFICATE on 21.08.21



Rayha means a little luxury. CHINARA means received from God.

Chinara was born on 15.04.20 with 14 siblings in our kennel. One little sibling unfortunately did not survive. Our little lavender star is now resting peacefully with us with lots of beautiful lavender in the garden.

Chinara was number eight (7) and from weight and size always in the middle field. She was always very inconspicuous, not a cuddler but also not a bully. As I said, rather inconspicuous. Maybe that's why she came so late in our shortlist. But that was a difficult topic because I could have imagined any of them in my pack. Bahsira just loved them all. Now with her 15 weeks she has got a lot of energy and temperament. Nothing more with inconspicuous! Rambazamba is announced as soon as the sun goes down she is no longer to stop. There it means for all others only to take cover. But she gives us a lot of joy and Bashira and Mama Ayana play a lot with her. Grandma Amali was a bit annoyed by her temperament and her fearless behavior in the beginning but meanwhile they are lying together on a blanket. Chinara is now also much more careful with her grandma. 

All in all she is a sweetheart. She is very attentive, learns quickly, watches everything very closely and is just a real Ridgeback. Her character is very similar to her grandma Amali. 

chinara won the top junior award 2021

chinara passed the TAN with 95 out of 100 points

Chinara is french youth champion



San Marino

San Marino Jugend Champion

chinara  three months


as a puppy