our  foundation bitch  shangani eshe amali

My name is Shangani Eshe Amali but I´m always called Emily.
Amali is Swahili and means hope.
Eshe is also Swahili and means life.
The name Shangani is something like my family name wich i  get from my parents.

I was born on 26/11/2009 in Roquebrune -sur-Argens.
With me another ten Shanganis have seen the light of the world.


My mother is CH Shangani Chinaka Ubeja, but everybody call´s her only Chinaka. She lives with her many relatives and with Wolfgang and Christine Blumberg in Roquebrune -sur-Argens. My father is Shangani Sago Fora. He had spent his wonderful life in Switzerland and sadly passed away at the age of 10 years.

We have received our breeding license in Avignon at 01.10.2011


with friends

I'm clear with almost every dog, no matter what race, and whether male or female. But my favorite´s are  Ridgebacks. The others are always out of breath so quickly and then they have no more desire.

in action

Like any other Rhodesian Ridgeback also I am sometimes hard to keep.
Sometimes Jackson must suffer my great appearance.

Als welpe

Since I´m a puppy I´m allways a very sweet one. Maybe that´s a reason why my parents picked me!