asarakya jachter askari

Jachter Askari

The name Jachter means Hunter. Askari is the soldier. He is born at the 07.02.14 with 11 siblings. Jachter, or Mr. black (blacky) should not at first remain in our kennel, he was not planned to stay. Nevertheless, from the beginning he has Conquered our heart. First with his look, because he was the darkest puppy, after because of his lovely, witty art. We know that would not be easy with a couple from a litter, but we have not regraded our decision.




Jachter is Champion des Expositions nationales

Jachter is best rhodesian ridgeback 2018 in san marino


Jachter ist internationaler Champion

JACHTER hat die ZUCHTZULASSUNG am 07.05.15 in Marseille erhalten. Juge: M.Jacques Medard. Société Central Canine, FCI

wunderful training with anastasia kharitonova

jachter 19 months

jachter 14 months

in the plaine des maures

this and that

as a puppy