the eyes are already open

interim report

We have had some wonderful, exciting and thrilling days. The first days had to be a bit of a break-in. The big ones didn't really know what was going on here and where their place was. Bashira was very curious from the beginning and she always wants to be in front. Ayana didn't get much sleep and she took touching care of her little ones. But 14 lavender children are really many and she is busy around the clock. Also we were there for her around the clock. When she got a high temperature we made her 24 hours of quark compresses and calf wraps. We were at her side the whole time and watched her. Thank God we got through this well and without medication. Thank you Anja and Sonja for your tips, support and encouragement. In the meantime we had a hardening in one breast. I spent another night with her in the box, massaging her milk bar and always put on a puppy. We mastered that as well. In the meantime the puppies are 9 days old and all of them have doubled their weight. The first ones are already opening their eyes, the very first was of course a girl :-). We have cut claws and every single one was allowed to enjoy a massage. We are totally in love with our little darlings. 



14 little  beauties



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the first week