eighth week

time to say goodbye

💜 Unsere wunderbaren 14 Lavendelkinder 💜

A fantastic puppyhood is coming to an end and we are very happy that we could experience this together with Juliane and Anja.  COVID also had mercy on us and we could spend a few more days together with our daddy Baka Baraka Kavango River, Juliane and Manuel and Anja and Jo. It was simply wonderful. Many thanks for your friendship. We are overjoyed that a girl from this great mating stays with us. A little lavender child whose life was born on 14.02. at 14 o'clock and was born on 15.04. with 14 siblings. ❤️ 


A big thank you goes to Christine and Wolfgang who have taken time for us and our little ons several times and also to Sonja who has been an enrichment for me for many years and who always helps us with words and deeds.

Especially in difficult times it is nice to have friends. ❤️❤️❤️


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