asarakya B-litter


Last Week            28.03.17 - ........

Ayana is all time at my side.
She does not like to walk any more now, she stops halfway and turns around. In her belly it rumbles quite well, especially at night. Maybe the little worms playing football. This will now be the last post under the category Pregnancy. Now we hope for a smooth birth and healthy puppies. We look forward to the next episode.

43,5 kg

8. WEEK                  21.03.17 - 27.03.17

Even in her pregnancy Ayana is very beautiful. Her eyes are shining and the coat is shiny as ever. Such a beautiflu and lovely girl. Her mother Amali, takes care of her and licks and brushes her at every opportunity. Now you can also see and feel  the movements in her tummy. It is an fabulous great feeling to lay the hand on her belly and feel the unborn life.

43,5 kg

It's only two weeks until bith

7. WEEK               14.03.17 - 20.03.17

 Ayana's belly is now getting bigger. She begins to build nests everywhere. In the garden, in the bed, and also in her litter box. In the sun, her is it now too warm and she is getting more and more often into the house. Only 2 more weeks, until the calculated birth date.

41,7 kg

6. WEEK               07.03.17 - 13.03.17

Preparations are in progress!!!

Floor bought and laid out, the box was set up and the first utensils are  provided.

All 4 dogs feel comfortable in the Puppiebox. Most often, however, you can find Ayana and Jackson in it.

39,3 kg

5. Week              28.02.17 - 06.03.17

Ayana is an angel and she makes us laugh every day.
She makes herself loudly noticeable when she's hungry and stumps us.
If we do not react immediately, she stomps with her front legs on the ground and yells and sings as if she wanted to say "hello looking at me now, we're hungry"

38,4 kg

4. Week              21.02.17 - 27.02.17

We are at the end of the fourth week. Gradually the tummy begins to change and the suckling becomes slightly larger. Ayana enjoys the spring and likes lying in the sun. She often withdrew from playing and raging.

36,2 kg

Pregnency confirmed


We are very pleased to announce that our Angel Ayana is carrying new life in her belly. Today's ultrasound has brought us the confirmation. We are  so happy. We send very warm greetings to our Franconian homeland to the future father of the babies, Matobo.

3. Week               14.02.17 - 20.02.17

Ayana is very affectionate and cuddly. She sleeps a bit more than usual but that can also be related to the weather, because they all sleep a bit more.
The only change I can actually see so far is, that she snores. She has never snored before.

35,8 kg

So the dog collars I have already sewn are now finished. They look like those from our A-litter but since I gave these to the puppy parents, now they had to be made again.

2. Week               07.02.17 - 13.02.17

Ayana is doing very well she sleeps a lot but when she is awake then she is just as active as ever. She runs hops and jumps like a reef. They Sometimes i want to slow her down.


36,0 kg

1. Week               31.01.17 - 06.02.17

We spent the first week partly still in Germany, and since everything is quite different than at home, i can not really notice a change of Ayana´s behave.


36,0 kg

If you are interested in a puppy from our B litter, don´t hesitate to contact us soon.