ASARAKYA Nala bashira

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Nala means a gift, lioness and queen. BASHIRA means the messenger of good news.

Bashira was born on 02.04.17 with 8 siblings in our kennel.

She was the second-born and from the second day the smallest and lightest in the litter. This was not noticed, however, because she always had to fight through and wanted to be the first to mother's teats. She also stood her "man" in fights and put her brothers upside down one time or another. But she was, and still is, a giant treasure, a cuddling cat and a source of joy. She is a clown and makes us all very happy. She likes to play with Uncle Jachter, the two are a heart and a soul. But also her grandmother Amali is very much done by her and can be lured from the small behind the furnace (from the waterbed). She was supposed to go to a new home with all her siblings, because our pack was complete. Soooo was the plan !!! ................... heart over head

Bashira ist San Marino champion

Bashira is french

youth Champion

Bashira is san marino

youth champion

youth champion

Bashira is Monaco

bashira 1 Year

bashira 10-12 Months

bashira 7-9 Months

bashira 6 Months

bashira 5 Months

bashira 4 Months

bashira on the lake

bashira 3 Months

bashira in the pool

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As a puppy