The journey home

Just made a few purchases in Germany. Now they must be stowed into the car.

Car and Ayana are ready  to start.

Stopover at the hotel. Dear Silvia, thank you for the nice evening.


the wedding

Ayana and Matobo have married.
Completely exhausted and very happy, we are back from the honeymoon from Germany.
We had a few wet, cold, but also wonderful days spent in beautiful Franconia.
Matobo has played all his charm and was very loving and affectionate around ayana. It was love at first sight.
We are now good things that this great love bears fruit.
A big thank you goes to the Grätzbach family who welcomed us very warmly.
We look forward to a reunion.


Start 27.01.17

Probably Jackson would come with us

The bed for the trip is also almost finished. Come on princess, lets go.

He would have gone through as a blind passenger.

If you are interested in a puppy from our B- litter, don´t hesitate to contact us soon.