asarakya D-litter


8. Woche      23.04.23 - 29.04.23

Chinara's belly grows and grows.

Uiiiiiiiiiiiiii we are very curious how many there will be. She still loves to cuddle, but now needs a lot of space. She loves to lie in the cloud completely stretched out. You can see the little ones bouncing in her tummy from far away. Our sweet mouse is getting quite a kick. Baschira is very sweet with Chinara and stands by her. She licks and cleans her whenever they lie together and Chinara wants it.


? kg belly 90cm

week 7      16.04.23 - 22.04.23

Finally arrived back home!!! We had a full program this week but the litter box is now ready. Chinara has already rummaged around in it. But she still likes the sofa more. Ayana feels very comfortable in it and also Jachter spent much time in it.

Chinara's belly has already grown quite big. We are curious.

38,8 kg belly 80cm

6. Woche      09.04.23 - 15.04.23

We spent a couple of days in Germany and Chinara enjoyed the full attention from all sides. The little belly is now slowly becoming a belly and now you can already feel some movement. We did another ultrasound to check and we can see many little hearts beating. What a joy. On the 15th we celebrated Chinara's birthday with the whole family. Happy birthday lavender kids.

37 kg Belly 71cm

5. Woche      02.04.23 - 08.04.23

Chinara loves to sit with us! She also demands her snacks loudly. That she doesn't want to tighten her legs anymore, we can't confirm at the moment.

34,3 kg

Week 4     26.03.23 - 01.04.23

We are happy to the moon and back because our hopes have been fulfilled. Chinara is pregnant. Actually we had already known it but it is still so nice to see the little ones on the screen and to have the confirmation in black on white. We send our love to the expectant father Maxxi and his family who are very happy with us. We can't wait for them to come and visit us. 

32,6 kg

Week 3      19.03.23 - 25.03.23


Chinara is in need of love and also takes bigger breaks. But she is currently begging a lot. As if she wants to say "I need more food now" Somehow she seems pregnant. 


Here on the left at the vet

32,3 kg

Week 2        12.03.23 - 18.03.23

Chinara is almost frighteningly calm and even more affectionate than ever. But this really gives us great hope. 

32,0 kg

Week  1        05.03. - 11.03.23

Chinara was as always! Also a little cheeky to her mother and to her big sister. Surely she wanted to say that she is now grown up. Her uncle Jachter made still some vacation with his sister Juma. There he is spoiled as always.

32,0 kg

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