Hi I'm Jackson!

On 17 February 2003, I came up with three siblings in the stud Sprehe to the world.
I came to my new home on 21/04/2003.
What could be better for a terrier, as to move into a home with children.
I´ve been everywhere with them! Even sledding in the winter and subsequent bladder infection because I somehow came home again a little frozen.
The children grew and went their way and I became also a bit older. Then in 2009 I went with mum and dad to southern France.
The sun and the air do me really good. I had just settled me and marked my new area, as they brought "another dog" at our home. At first I could not suffer the young lady really well, but now we are a real dream team.

I have Amali already learned a lot of useful stuff. At first she was really good to cats, but after my lessons she has now figured out that you can´t leave the cats under any circumstances on plot. Even the crossing of birds in the sky, or landing in our garden is strictly forbidden. The only thing she just not want to do is to catch the disc, the ball or the stick and bring it back not only once or twice. She is really lazy about such things.
Although, no opponent is too large for me, but sometimes it´s okay that  Amali is in my back as reinsurance. I'm also not bad in running and jumping, but the African woman from France is somehow particularly athletic.