ASARAKYA jasira ayana

Our Breed

Jasira means the brave, Ayana means beautiful flower.
And she is our beautiful flower. Ayana ws born at the 07.02.14 with 11 siblings. She was the 10th puppy and at the same time the 100th puppy of her father, Yachter. From the beginning she was at the front in our selection, but only in the very last moment did we decide for her, our little Mrs. Orange.


AYANA hat ihre ZUCHTZULASSUNG am 07.05.15 in Marseille erhalten.

Juge: M. Jacques MEDARD.

Société Centrale Canine, FCI

Ayana is san marino champion


ayana is international champion

wunderful training with anastasia kharitonova

ayana 19 months old

ayana 14 months old

ayana on the baech

at the beach with friends

this and that

as a puppy