asarakya C-litter


5. Woche      14.03.20 - 20.03.20

Ayana has survived the 5th week well. She lies a lot in the sun and enjoys the peace before the storm. Her tummy is now starting to grow. We have been preparing for our dwarves for two weeks now.


In the next days we will build up the puppy box. 

4. Woche      07.03.20 - 13.03.20

We are overjoyed because our hopes have been fulfilled. Ayana is pregnant. Actually we had already known it but it is still so nice to see the little ones on the screen and to get the confirmation.

We send very kind greetings to the future father Baka and to Juliane who is very happy with us. 

3. Woche      29.02.20 - 06.03.20

Ayana loves to cuddle. She cuddles with her daughter Bashira and cleans her from top to bottom. Also with her brother Jachter she likes to lie in the clouds. She keeps more and more to herself and leaves the supervision to the pack. 


2. WEek     22.02.20 - 28.02.20

Ayana is super cuddly and very affectionate. She is always looking for contact and does not want to lie alone anymore. 


1. Week                    14.02.20 - 20.02.20

Ayana was very calm and very tired.

She spent the trip back to France asleep. She was very happy to see her mother Amali and her daughter Bashira again.  Her brother Jachter is on holiday with his other sister Juma and aunt Eboni


36,0 kg

If you are interested in a puppy from our C litter, don´t hesitate to contact us soon.